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We are ECU Remapping Experts, based in Somerset & Dorset.


Unleash your Vehicles true potential with our custom tuned Diesel or Petrol Turbo and N/A Engine Remap Yeovil services. Dpf / Fap Removal – No more blocked dpf filters- using proper re written software and flashed back to your ecu (not emulated like some companies), Troublesome Egr Blank Remap Somerset removal by re writing Ecu software,


Ecu Remapping Southwest specialists offer Car / commercial Van (Fleet) Engine ECU Remaps that are professionally written and bespoke. Engine ECU Remapping is a service which is fully mobile and has the customer at the centre of our business. We tune for Performance or Economy, Or mixed Power/eco, using your cars OBD Diagnostics port, we also Remap Tricore Protected Edc 17 Ecu`s, Inc Audi Remap Yeovil,, BMW, Mercedes Remap Dorset, FORD, PEUGEOT, SEAT, SKODA, FIAT, RENAULT, CITROEN, VAUXHALL, (all Makes/ Models inc Van Remap Dorset and Somerset inc Popular Vans like the Sprinter, Crafter, T5, T4, Transit, Connect, Astra, Caddy, Vito inc DPF EGR FLAPS and Trouble codes)


We offer Mobile Eco tuning and Ecu Remapping Dorset services for Petrol Diesel, Turbo and non-Turbo vehicles, We also offer bespoke Engine ECU Remaps for Light Commercials and HGV's that includes Economy ECO ECU Remaps with Fuel Mpg savings upto 15%.


Take a look at our Vehicles page to see what Engine ECU Remaps are available for your Vehicles that include: free Diagnostics Prior to reading your car or vans Engine Ecu.

All our Engine ECU Remaps are custom tuned for your Engines ECU and are fully guaranteed against any defects or malfunctions for the life you own the vehicle. With Engine ECU Remapping prices from as little as £150* it's now affordable to get either up to 30% more power BHP and Torque, or with a Super Economy ECO ECU Remap get gains of up to 20% more fuel savings or your money back! We have a 7 day money back Guarantee if your not satisfied at the changes we make.


we also can map out Egr valves, that often fail, and clog inlet manifolds, Speed delimits on fleet vans, OBD Dtc error codes permanently mapped out (contact us for more info)


Mileage correction
ECU Remaps Southwest now offer mileage correction for most makes and models of cars and light goods commercial vans please see relevant page for more details & list of services


Check out the special offers Page for great deals on your ECU Remapping. Covering Somerset – Dorset – Devon – Wiltshire (South west) England


August 2019 - DPF MOT Failures, Emissions - Smoke test


We seem to have had a busy period lately, New customers bringing vehicles to us that simply cannot get their vehicle to pass a MOT, they have unknowingly bought a car or van without knowing the full history, taken said vehicle to a mot station to have it fail on a smoke test, reason for failing smoke test could be a number of things, But often is because someone in the past has removed dpf filter and remapped / tuned the vehicle, if you are in this position and your car or van has failed get in touch, we can remove the tuning to stock, and refit the DPF filter, so that your vehicle will comply with emissions / Smoke test

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DPF REMOVAL PRICE DROP DPF Removal offers from £249 All Makes and Models. Diagnostic port (OBD)Remapping from £149 all makes models. Tricore Ecu remaps from £180 inc.

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