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ECU remapping services are commendable with a wealth of over 12 years in the Engine tuning and DPF / Egr Business and our Custom Maps enhance torque and BHP. Undoubtedly our service will deliver more power to your Car or Van ; therefore during acceleration, your vehicle will be more responsive and gain the benefit from the enhanced throttle response in order to ensure a Better drive which you will notice no more flat spots in power delivery.


Want to experience more torque and power? It is us, ECU remapping southwest which can offer vehicles enhanced torque and power. More additional power is delivered in the early stage of rev range which brings a noticeable change in the driving experience of the vehicle. This is the reason why the vehicle under the stage of acceleration behaves far more responsive. A Remap offers the smooth acceleration and makes a vehicle capable enough to deliver all-round performance and Better MPG without any additional strain on engine Components. Have you ever noticed? In an un-remapped engine, the power of the peak engine and torque arrive sooner then you expect or Turbo Lag, High engine revs are not essential because an engine can produce same or even higher output in comparatively low revolutions per minute. This is the edge where we feel the best use of our ECU remapping services can make Turbo diesel model more productive. Partly this is all due to turbo on TDI engine, as it kicks in the low range of Revolution per minute. This is a widely acclaimed fact that the diesel engine has more torque than the petrol one, which clearly means that here torque delivers into the engine transmission.


Do you know more torque is required for towing and Remapping it is one of our popular services that can make your vehicle capable to tow almost anything? Towing is almost impossible without it and the benefit it offers to the vehicle is matchless. In fact Remap For Towing Caravan remove all restriction off from the vehicle and provide it better torque and enhanced pulling power, when is about pulling extra weight from it. Automatic and Manual Geared Engines,


What change has been introduced by ECU remap in engine processes?


Engine processes are highly optimized during remapping, in order to ensure that the vehicle is achieving the benefit of the process which is carried out on it. It is entirely different from the standard tuning boxes where external plug-in is installed, remaps which is carried out from our edge can modify files present in the ECU. Therefore it would be viable to say that ECU Remap Tuning is the most effective yet safe means to update regular performance of the engine.


Ecu Remapping Southwest Engine ECU Remaps are unique and custom remapped to each vehicle so all data specific to the vehicle is kept andadjusted, we never use generic (off the shelf) Remaps.

With the Engine ECU Remap expect more power, greater response and improved lower fuel consumption. 

Some cars / Vans ECU’s are ‘tuning protected’ and are reffered as a Tri-Core Ecu, Tri-Core is the latest method to get inside the ECU’s Micro processor so it can be read and adjusted or remapped. The ECU needs to be removed in order to be remapped, 

The Remap or tuning of your car or Van`s ECU is not just about the greater amount of power & torque, driveability and additional BHP that can be delivered, which is considerable, but with the correct Engine ECU Remap major improvements in fuel consumption and power increase can be delivered,

Ecu Remapping Southwest are specialists in car & van Engine ECU Economy ECO Remaps offered to all Vehicles, Light Commercial andHGV’s.

Mobile ECU Remaps at Ecu Remapping Southwest cover 90% of all modern European Vehicles we also cover allot of Japanese and asianvehicles. It’s highly likely that your vehicle, Light Commercial or HGV’s performance features are in our vehicle list. 
Contact Ecu Remapping Southwest today with your ECU Remapping details and we will contact you to discuss your requirements and ECU Remap,

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DPF REMOVAL PRICE DROP DPF Removal offers from £249 All Makes and Models. Diagnostic port (OBD)Remapping from £149 all makes models. Tricore Ecu remaps from £180 inc.

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