Eco ECU Remap

Economy ECO Remaps are fine tuned to offer the best return for fuel economy. improvements can be as much as 20% more MPG. With Economy Eco ECU Remapping, the Engines ECU Maps are tuned in a way that even a slight reduction fuel delivery, turbo pressures and timing can optimise the Engines ECU to give improved fuel economy.



Are you looking to reduce costs on fuel?


In the current climate most of us are. We can help you save on your fuel costs and reduce your CO2 emissions. We can reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes...

Remapping your vehicle can help you save per litre on fuel bills...

Tired of high fuel costs? Who isnt.... If you are looking to reduce your fuel costs, then maybe it's time for you to remap your vehicle. Our re-mapping service will provide your vehicle with increased power and torque in the low-to-mid range of engine revs. The increased power within this rev range ensures that fewer gear changes are needed. With fewer gear changes, your vehicle requires less fuel and this is where the fuel cost savings can be made. For long distance drivers or for those with a commercial vehicle, there has never been a better time to get your vehicle remapped. The reduction in fuel/costs varies from vehicle to vehicle and is also more noticeable if you use your vehicle a lot. Whether you are looking to remap a private car or a commercial fleet vehicle.

The potential fuel cost savings available are significant...


How will remapping my vehicle reduce my CO2 emissions?


Your vehicle will be consuming less fuel this will directly reduce the CO2 emissions which your vehicle produces. The remap service we provide will help you to reduce CO2 emissions by increasing the number of miles to the gallon your vehicle is capable of.

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DPF REMOVAL PRICE DROP DPF Removal offers from £249 All Makes and Models. Diagnostic port (OBD)Remapping from £149 all makes models. Tricore Ecu remaps from £180 inc.

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