Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Ecu Remapping Southwest ?


Now the question you have probably asked is why would I choose Ecu Remapping South west to remap my car / Van  when there are plenty of other cheaper tuners out there right? 

The answers are below:-


We cover all aspects as well as ECO / POWER Maps, by this we really do mean all ! 


DPF Removal – inc physical removal of dpf soot content and reweld (un detectable at mot`s) this also includes ecu re flash to remove DPF parameters (permanently) some less reputable companies emulate dpf off by removing Dtc error codes, so in theory dpf active but no tell tale lights on dash, 

EGR Removal –  Removing Egr opening / closing from ecu memory

Speed de limit (Limit) placement for Fleet vehicles 

TRICORE  - We can tune all the very latest anti tune ecu`s that many can not due to lack of kit, As we have master tools, we can remap protected ecus on the bench, no sending off waiting for days without use of a car, 

ECU cloning- Damaged ecu`s Replaced as good as new


There are three types of engine remapping business profiles in existence and we shall explain them now


Major Specialist Tuning Houses (Approx 5% of the remapping business)

Examples of these tuners are Courtney Motorsport, Powerstation, Revo and R-Tech, these tuning houses are fantastic at what they do but they only specialise 

in one type of vehicle and are often more expensive than us.


Slave Tuners (Approx 90% of the remapping business)

You may have noticed anyone can buy an AlientechKess V2 off ebay second hand for less than £700, these tools are what are known as a slave tool which are 

linked to one of a few tuning Master  companies (and no matter how good or mediocre the maps are the agent has to continue using files from said master agent) whom which they have to buy their tuning files from, you need no experience to do this whatsoever, literally anyone can buy the tool and learn to use it in less than an hour knowing nothing about cars, they often make silly mistakes, have no or very little understanding of how a 

car is tuned and can often not tell when things are wrong. 


Being linked to one company is not a great thing either, do you think that 1 - 2 people from one company can safely tune every car or van out there?  I know 

they can’t first hand as we spend a lot of time fixing their work.  They also only have one tool, normally a Kess V2 or Dimpsort Genius, both of these are great 

tools but having one tool is dangerous, no one tool will programme every ecu correctly and recover ECU’s when things go wrong.



So how do I spot one of these tuners?  Simple, ask them if they can show you the standard file for your vehicle and the tuned file and talk you through the 

changes.  They will not have the technology or know how to do this and remember 90% of the remapping business is these people.  Worried?


Other Tuners (Approx 5% of the remapping business)

This is what we do, we have all master tuning equipment including an AlientechKess V2 Master, a master Dimsport Genius, a master Alientech K-TAG, a 

Master FG Tech, Master MPPS, Master Galletto, WinOLS, Swiftec and ECM Titanium. 


We have the software to tune all of our own files however we do not claim to be masters at all vehicles and do buy files in, the difference is that we can buy 

tuned custom files from whoever we like as we are not linked to one tuner like the slave tuners, this means we can get tuned files from the major specialist 

tuners giving you the ultimate tune and a good price.  


We check every file we are sent no matter how highly regarded the tuning company are and will happily talk you through the changes we have made to your 

vehicle.  We can carry out Data Logging on all VAG group vehicles in addition. 


To sum up we have huge experience, more or less every relevant piece of software and hardware you can buy and can pull on the major tuning houses for 

support and tuning files.  Very few can match this product and our tunes are so much better than those of slave tuners.  We will never walk away from a problem we have caused.


Ultimately we will always tune your vehicle safely and we really do know what we are doing and hate seeing the all too often poorly tuned vehicles, if you are 

worried about the tune you have on your car or van please get in touch, we are happy to look at it for free and give free advice, if the tune is truly dangerous we 

will put a standard file on your car free of charge as the last thing we want is any ones car going bang!


To sum up yes you can get your car tuned for less money possibly - but in reality it could cost you thousands down the line.


• We don’t charge V.A.T

• We have proper Workshop facilities and a registered address should you have any issues, *(unlike some who turn up and remap in a lay-by)

• We always use Specialist Diagnotic equipment to health check all vehicles prior to commence remapping,

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DPF REMOVAL PRICE DROP DPF Removal offers from £249 All Makes and Models. Diagnostic port (OBD)Remapping from £149 all makes models. Tricore Ecu remaps from £180 inc.

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