• ·                                 Non-turbo petrol engine ECU Remap: Up to 10% more power
  • ·                                 Non-turbo diesel engine ECU Remap: Up to 15% more power
  • ·                                 Turbo-petrol engine ECU Remap: Up to 30% more power
  • ·                                 Turbo-diesel engine ECU Remap: Up to 35% more power
  • ·                                 Super charged ECU Remap: Up to 55% more power

Increase your power and performance with Ecu Remapping Southwest Mobile ECU Remapping for Petrol and Diesel cars, 4x4’s, Light Commercials and HGV’s.

List of advantages with a remap:

  • ·                                 More engine BHP power
  • ·                                 More engine Torque
  • ·                                 Enhanced, sharp throttle response
  • ·                                 Smooth delivery of power
  • ·                                 Lifetime software warranty

Performance Engine ECU Remapping for drivers who feel their vehicle is a not living up to its true potential. By increasing the power of your vehicle you are providing yourself with a vehicle that is safer for overtaking, more pleasurable to drive. Performance Engine ECU Remapping will offer more power lower in the rev range providing your vehicle with more power and torque, ECU Remapping gets rid of higher engine revs because the engine is producing the same or higher power output at a lower revs. Ecu Remapping Southwest guarantees you will see an improvement in both engine performance and response time..


Did you know that vehicle manufacturers actually use the same engine to produce a variety of different power outputs? They then remap the engine’s ECU to change power and performance. The ECU or Engine Control Unit is effectively a computer that controls fuel, ignition timing, idle speed, valve timing as well as other parameters that affect the performance of the engine. It does this by reading values from sensor devices that monitor the engine and its performance and then compares these readings to performance maps preset by the manufacturer.

So by effectively reprogramming the software that controls the ECU you can change the characteristics of your car or motor home’s engine to cut costs, reduce CO2 emissions and lengthen the life of your vehicle.

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DPF REMOVAL PRICE DROP DPF Removal offers from £249 All Makes and Models. Diagnostic port (OBD)Remapping from £149 all makes models. Tricore Ecu remaps from £180 inc.

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