ECU Remapping and ECU Chipping in Weymouth

We offer a fully mobile ECU Remapping service in Weymouth and the surrounding areas.

Please get in touch with your vehicle details and your requirements and we will provide you with information on ECU Remapping options for your Vehicle and information on pricing in the Weymouth area.

How does it all work?

You call and enquire about your specified ECU remap

Ecu Remapping Southwest will provide details of the ECU Remaps available and the gains for Power Engine ECU Remapping or Economy ECO Remapping.

Once you are happy we get you booked in at a place and time convent to you to carry out your ECU Remap.

A full fault code check is carried out on the vehicle before anything is connected to ensure there are no ECU or Engine problems.

If no fault codes are present, we go ahead and download the Engine ECU Map.

Once downloaded this ECU Map is then sent by online means to be Remapped or ‘Tuned’ for your choice of Remap, Power ECU Remap or Economy ECO Remap. Once the Remapped file is received back, it’s ready to be written back to the engines ECU (electronic control unit or ‘brain’).

The whole process can be over and done within the hour.

A copy of your original Engine ECU Remap is saved and both the Original and Tuned ECU Remap is emailed to you for future reference.

Once finished a final fault code check is carried out to ensure no problems exist with your Engine ECU Remap.

Finally you enjoy the Remap with extra power, or more mpg.

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DPF REMOVAL PRICE DROP DPF Removal offers from £249 All Makes and Models. Diagnostic port (OBD)Remapping from £149 all makes models. Tricore Ecu remaps from £180 inc.

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